torsdag, april 10, 2003


Från Karri Hannukkala:

I participated in a pro-USA, pro-war, pro-Israel demonstration in Helsinki, Finland.

There were 4(!) participants. We all had poster-sized paper USA flags and we had little Israeli flags attached on them. We walked short distances in the center of Helsinki holding the flags in front of us and stayed longer in couple of places. Total time spent was 1.5 hours.

People's heads really turned in trams and busses passing by when they saw us just standing there and holding the flags.

We had walked only about 100 meters when an Arab male attacked one of us by spitting and kicked the flag in his hands. We had ordered a police patrol to secure us but unfortunately it wasn't near enough at the moment to handle that situation. All the Arabian/middle-eastern looking males that came to "talk" to us were very aggressive and they had two basic "arguments": "F*** you!" and the other was showing the middle finger.

Other people that approached us were more civilized. We had little arguments with some leftists and lunatics. The most important thing however was that we were also greeted with joy and respect. Only by four people... but still, it was absolutely worth it. As one of them put it: "It is really nice to see that someone is also supporting the troops and the USA--thank you."

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